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Updated: 7 days ago

I’m currently in Australia - doing the road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne and loving it.

Constantly jumping in and out of the car got me thinking about being ‘travel fit’. Our vehicle is a HUGE 8-seater Staria - a ‘relocation’ vehicle I got from Apex Car Rentals in Adelaide, returning it to their Melbourne premises. For AUD10/day, it was incredible value - unlimited kms; no fee for additional driver. We always use Apex whenever we can. Oh and I should tell you to join their Apex Rewards programme. You instantly get 10% of any car you rent. It all helps!

I digressed, sorry. So, I’ve had to pump the seat up, to make it high enough for me to see over the bonnet. Each time I get in the car I need to step up and haul myself into the driver’s seat. Of course, you don’t need to do this with an ordinary vehicle but you do constantly get in and out of it when you stop at various points on your journey.

At airports, you need to walk quite a distance to clear security, hoisting your bag up onto the conveyor, navigating stairs and travelators or just walking a couple of kms to your gate. On trains, you need to be stepping up steep and deep steps to get onto the train, get your bags into the luggage racks behind the seats or above them. It all takes energy and fitness. There’s not always someone willing to help you!

Last year I joined the Women’s Fitness Studio close to my home in Hawke’s Bay (NZ). What a difference it made, even after three months, when we travelled through Tasmania later in the year. I was easily able scale some of the rock climbs in the national parks and tackle numerous steps with ease - just because I’d become stronger with the workouts and more nimble on my feet having done the balance classes.

Maria, who owns the studio, asked me if she could interview me on Radio Hawke’s Bay about our overseas travels, how fitness played a role and just how I felt about it all. I was very happy to and here’s the result.

So many of us in our ‘later lives’ are travelling and I hope some of what we talk about motivates you to get stronger and walking fit, so you can enjoy those fabulous journeys through Paris, London or on your European walking holiday - whatever or wherever you choose to go!




May 25

Totally agree with what you say about get fit to travel Annemarie! Because of my hubby’s disabilities, we have to think and plan very carefully about where we go and how we manage a journey. As you also mention, there is not always help available, although we have found airport travel very good when we’ve booked Special Assistance.

Annemarie Rawson
Annemarie Rawson
May 25
Replying to

Thanks, Kathy for messaging. Great you have found Special Assistance at airports. Good planning!

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