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Walnut Meringue

Ingredients :

5 large egg whites

300 gms (10 oz) castor sugar

180 gms (6 oz) walnuts, crushed

300 mIs ( pint) cream, whipped

icing sugar for dredging


1. Line two 20 cm (8”) sandwich tins with silicone paper or draw two 23 cm (9”) circles on the silicone paper. 

2. Beat egg whites, adding half the sugar as you go and the remainder folded well in at the end of whisking. Mixture should stand up in peaks.


 3. Fold in crushed walnuts with a slotted spoon. Spoon this mixture equally into two tins. Bake at 175°C (fan bake 155°C) (350°F) for 35-45 minutes, or longer, depending on your oven. Cakes should be crisp on outside. Turn out carefully onto wire tray when done.

4. Fill cake with whipped cream and lemon curd - dust liberally with icing sugar and pass strawberry or raspberry coulis separately.

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