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Several years ago, my husband, Steve and I, packed up our home in New Zealand, said goodbye to family and friends and flew 12,000 km to begin a new life as estate managers in South West France.  We left our corporate lives to take up animal husbandry and a country lifestyle.

What a time we had.  One experience was difficult, to say the least but the others were brilliant.  The people we met, the friends we made, both French and English, the food markets, the countryside and the most beautiful last estate we worked at, made our whole experience outstanding.

We returned to New Zealand for a few years, but we have now been living in London for 2+ years.  We came for our Late Life Adventure, packing in as much travel, culture, friendship and fun as we can — fitting in a little work as well.

To document our time here, I have being writing Facebook blogs for family and friends since March 2018. Please go to my Facebook page to catch up on our travels, both in Europe and the UK.  I will continue our journey under the Blogs from July 2020. 

I have now written two books about our time in France.  The first is called My French Platter and the second, My French Platter Replenished.  The first is currently being edited and will be published towards the end of the year, with the second being published 2021.  My third book about our move to London and our adventures will follow.   

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