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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Fantastic fly over Teddington at 5pm yesterday of the Red Arrows and the French Air Force - without the red, white and blue smoke. They’d already done that over the city.

It was to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s historic London wartime speech and President Macron was here for the day.

I also went to see how MY cygnets were doing over at Ham Common. They have grown so much. They have stubs for wings right now, but they’ll be fully developed and able to fly at six months old. And a little bit of trivia, if the cygnets haven’t left ‘home’ by next spring they are forced out! I guess the next lot of cygnets are due then. Geez, it’s tough...

We’ve also been watching foxes come into the garden and the park next door. They are being attacked and swooped on by the black crows here. The crows go ballistic, squawking at full volume trying to chase the fox off. Interesting watching!

The crows chasing the fox
My cygnets growing up

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