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It’s such a privilege to be back in our home country of New Zealand and to have the freedom to be out and about and meet up with old friends. With no limits on numbers or masks. I’m certainly not taking it for granted.

We’ve swapped the luxury of my sister, Jill’s home for the luxury of a friend’s home, looking after the very gorgeous, Ellie, while they are away for a few days. Ellie’s just been to the hairdressers and is so fluffy and smells divine!

Dinner last night was at a local Japanese restaurant, meeting up with the old gang from our Howick days. So good to see everyone again. Coffee with the Wednesday morning group yesterday brought back lots of great times in Howick too. Ran into other old friends in the street so its a blast from the recent past for me right now.

On the coffee circuit again this morning! Have a super day.

The view from the living room of our friend’s home
The view from our beautiful bedroom.

Miss Ellie enjoying the sunset.

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Nov 11, 2020

Beautiful 💕💕

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