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Ladies luncheon - nothing posh; just a cheap and cheerful at home

Steve was thrown out the door at 11am this morning. Into the arms of flatmate (across the hall) Richard who was taking him off to play golf. Yes! she cried, rubbing her hands in glee. Girl time!

Boris has relaxed the rules a little bit more lately but we’re just not getting together like we used to. I hadn’t seen one friend for eight weeks as she was being extra vigilant and was shielding, having had cancer and treatment a few years ago. It feels so cold opening the door, moving back to allow plenty of space for your friend to come in and not hugging them hello.

The windows were open as wide as possible to the breeze and we were seated well apart. All of us feel so frustrated with the diminished lives we are now leading but understand the necessity of it. Let’s just state here and now that ‘some’ of the population understand the necessity and follow through on social distancing. Have you seen the photos of the crowding on beaches? Traffic queues that snake for miles? I know it’s been incredibly hot and humid, but really? We’ve had to deal with it here at home. We live in a flat with no balcony. Having a park with huge trees giving plenty of shade right next door does help. Right, I’ve got that out of my system ....

Regardless, we had a lovely catch-up with all three jaws moving at a hundred miles an hour. It was so nice to be back in the kitchen too and cooking for someone other than the two of us.

Today’s throw-together lunch was porcini risotto, a green salad with Parmesan shavings and roasted figs and nectarines layered in Greek yoghurt for dessert. All very easy. Ditzy me forgot to take a photo of the finished product, as we had to rush to eat, with one friend having to get to work.

I’ve put an oven-baked mushroom risotto recipe in the Recipes section. It‘s a Délia Smith recipe which I’ve made several times. Bon Appétit!

The beginnings of a porcini risotto.
Roasted nectarine and roasted figs layered in Greek yogurt with toasted almonds.

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20 de ago. de 2020

Wow looks amazing


Annemarie Rawson
Annemarie Rawson
14 de ago. de 2020

Thanks for this. You have done well. Shall we now talk about the endless rubbish? You can’t manage to take it home with you? Ok I’ll stop here... 🙄🙄🙄


14 de ago. de 2020

You echo my thoughts entirely. My husband and I also live in a flat with no balcony, just a Juliette in our bedroom. We managed shielding, lockdown etc since 9 March and enjoyed trying new recipes, cooking for each other. We have yet to have friends here but we have met with friends in their garden and visited the local pub. It does rankle with both of us when we see the crowds heading to the beaches, oblivious to social distancing, but have to admit it makes me smile when I hear that Boris has introduced more quarantine measures when returning abroad.....panic, panic, get home quickly! Why on earth did they even go in the first place? We hav…

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