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DAY 13 of COVID Isolation in Distinction Hotel, Hamilton.

Steve is still alive but recovering from the fork stabbing punctures in his neck. My neck is still a bit sore and his finger marks are still there, but they’ll fade.... Just kidding. We’re used to being together 24/7 but do check on us tomorrow morning, won’t you...

We haven’t been able to leave our room since our final (Day 12) swab yesterday at 2pm where we also had our identifying wrist tags cut off. All of us on our flight now stay in our rooms (48 hours) until we all leave on late Sunday afternoon. It makes perfect, logical sense and we’re happy to do it. It’s only for a short period.

If anyone complains about being in isolation in the Distinction Hotel in Hamilton, they need to be shot.

We’ve rung our thanks through to the kitchen on several occasions and make sure we thank the security, medical and NZ army staff daily for looking after us and keeping us safe. They have been outstanding in what must be one of the most boring jobs in the country right now. Imagine it is you that has to wipe all the seats down after each person has sat on it, waiting for their health check, or ticking us all off the list each time we come in and out for our allocated flight’s walking/health check time. Or sitting on a chair for two hours watching people walking around the circuit. I have the utmost respect for these people, placing themselves on the front line as we are all ‘infected’ until proven otherwise. Of course there is hand sanitiser everywhere and masks are compulsory. Always, they remain cheerful, say hello, ask how you are, have a little joke, etc. Of great concern is your mental wellbeing.

The saddest thing is the inability for any waste to be recycled but they have done their best to ensure 90% of what is used will break down. Wipes and PPE is all medical waste and dealt with separately.

I will say 14 days of this is nothing and a small sacrifice, compared to what our friends and family are going through in the UK/France. I think of you daily. There is light and the sun will shine again. 🥰🥰

See you on the other side.

You can message me at I’d love to hear from you. X

The first magnolia spotted on our car park walk


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