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Annemarie Rawson is a New Zealander, newly returned to her home country after living in London. She and her husband, Steve, wanted a second late-life adventure and arrived in London with the Beast from the East storm at the beginning of March 2018.  Since then, they haven't stopped exploring London, the UK and parts of Europe.

Annemarie loves writing, travelling, connecting with people, visiting historic places and galleries and also loves cooking.


A few years ago, she and Steve had their first late-life adventure, securing work as estate managers in South-West France.  Annemarie has written two books about their time in France   My French Platter  and My French Platter Replenished . Both are  available on Amazon. More adventures will follow in the book Late Life Adventures in London & Beyond, being published on 9 January 2023, but a Kindle version can be pre-ordered on 9 December 2022. Paperbacks can be ordered from 9 January 2023. 

In July 2020 Annemarie was shortlisted in the Hammond House Publishing (HHP) Writing Competition. You can read her entry here. Then in September 2020 she won the London Richmond Council writing competition entitled 'Wish You Were Here'.

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"Travelling - 
it leaves you speechless,  then turns you into a storyteller"

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