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During the past week I had a fabulous Cook Book evening at Wardini's Napier bookshop. It was a Q&A session with the owner, Louise Ward and with those attending. A fun time with everyone.

With it being winter here in New Zealand we've got amazing citrus literally falling off trees, so I whipped up this mouth-watering Mandarin Syrup cake I found on the Not Quite Nigella website. Honestly, it couldn't be easier - you throw everything into the food processor, pour the batter into a tin and bake for an hour. Voila! Serve with Greek yoghurt. Go on, impress your friends and family. I added a little flourish to mine using Terry's Chocolate Orange.

And cheated, using a tin of drained mandarins for the top and pouring a little of the reserved juice over the cake at the end, instead of making the syrup. Here's my version of the Mandarin Syrup Cake. It was soon devoured that evening!

Right now, a lot of our winter veg is a great price and another favourite of mine is this heavenly, raw and healthy Broccoli Salad from Cookie & Kate. Another fabulous find. The cheddar cheese is an added indulgence but you can easily leave it if that's not to your liking. This salad has been a big hit with those that have come for dinner.

Also featuring at my table over the winter is the Dish Magazine's Ultimate Beef Rendang recipe. Another warming, perfect winter night dish. You'll be drooling while it's cooking on the stove top, but this aromatic curry is well worth the wait.

Apart from rice, poppadoms or flat bread I like to cut through the richness with a side of Rocket/Arugula, Orange & Fennel salad, adding toasted walnuts when ready to serve. Quick, easy and delicious to whip up while your rendang finishes cooking.

Enjoy creating this delicious food. Bon Appetit!


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