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At my local bookstore, Wardini Books

I’m over the moon and absolutely delighted to share with you some early reviews I’ve received for Late Life Adventures in London and Beyond. These are from people around the world who received what is known as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy). The Kindle version is available to pre-order now. It will download to your Kindle (or e-reader) on 6 January. On that date too, you will be able to order your paperback from Amazon. Here’s the link:

Rebecca, Scotland

“Annemarie describes in delightful detail their first year in London. I love her beautiful and descriptive writing as she enthusiastically embraces all that is on offer, visiting museums and places of historical interest. They make a special trip to Glasgow to discover where Steve's mother was born. I particularly enjoyed reading her thoughts on places I know well, like the historical Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The warmth of her personality shines throughout and it's easy to see why people are drawn to her and how she easily makes friends. They fit in overseas trips as well and certainly made the most of their time in the UK. They pack in time with family and friends, having fun and dining well. At the end of each chapter is a link to a photograph album of the places visited. A fabulous addition. As well as that there is a collection of some of her scrumptious recipes at the end. I loved Annemarie's first two memoirs and this may be my favourite so far. I'll look forward to more of her late life adventures.”

Pat Ellis, London

“I think Annemarie Rawson is onto another winner with her latest memoir. I was keen to read it as I’d so enjoyed ‘My French Platter’ & ‘My French Platter Replenished’. Being a fan of this particular author, I guessed this latest memoir wouldn’t disappoint - it didn’t! It’s a fun, insightful and delightful read in my humble opinion.”

Sandy McKenna, Adelaide, Australia

“This incredibly descriptive memoir outlines their first year in that vast city. Author Annemarie takes the reader on this fabulous journey through London and beyond, introducing friends and family, the numerous places they visited, and the delicious food they sampled along the way. Not only are the locations and events vividly depicted, but there is also the bonus of a brilliant photo album at the conclusion of each month, and some mouth-watering recipes at the end. I read and loved the author's first two memoirs, but in my opinion, this is her best yet: and I cannot wait for the next edition of her and Steve's Late Life Adventures. Very highly recommended for lovers of travel memoirs.”

Chris Moore, Texas, USA

“As ever, this book is written in Annemarie's easy to read, conversational style. A mixture of everyday life, and excursions around Britain, and to France, Spain and Malta, the descriptions of places - with interesting historical snippets - and food, are superb. And mouthwatering. I wanted to taste so many of the dishes she described! (There are some recipes at the end of the book, and links at the end of each chapter to view photos, which are a lovely addition, so you can see all the places they visited). I loved meeting their friends: Annemarie has a happy knack of bonding with people and becoming close to them, and we even meet Symon and his wife from My French Platter Replenished. If you've read the first two books, you will love the continuation of their adventures. If you haven't, don't worry, this works well as a stand-alone book, too. I'm looking forward to reading more from this entertaining author.”

It’s already available as a paperback in NZ from:

Zinnia, Raglan

Poppies, Howick

Wardini Books, Havelock North

Linen & Stone, Cambridge

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