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Waiting anxiously for a response …

When you spend a few waking hours through the night, nervous about whether

people are going to like My French Platter Replenished then you wake up to these messages from Nova Scotia - of all places!

1.48 am: OMG, I’m still in my PJs, onto my second coffee and reading your new book, non stop! Love the story and that it is going so well second time around. BUT, I’m not getting anything done with my nose in this book.

5.27 am: That pic of Steve in his stubbies! I’m that far into your book and still not getting anything done. Tell Steve he’s got great pegs!

5.47 am: Can anything be more perfect??? Your book and my garden (photo of garden attached - which is gorgeous!).

6.54 am: I’m 82% through the book. My battery is dying and my eyes have crossed. Have I loved this book??? I’d say so … and I really don’t want it to end.

I really couldn’t ask or wish for a better response to it. Thank you Jackie Pace. And a HUGE thank you to all that bought the e-book and paperback. So very grateful. 🥰🥰🥰

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