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Last night we sat down to a special dinner put on at the new Park Hyatt hotel by friends. A group of us has been friends for 24 years and all our children have grown up together - some are now having children of their own. Where did those years go? It was a very noisy and fun evening with everyone talking at full volume!

The hotel is very modern and has incredible views from the fifth floor. You’ll see the downtown marina is home to some beautiful yachts and boats right now as the Americas Cup is being held in Auckland in March 2021. It looks like some people have arrived already to enjoy a New Zealand summer before the race begins


Steve and I are staying in the city for a couple of nights, enjoying looking in the luxury shops and cafes of Ponsonby Road on our way to breakfast and coffee at Ponsonby Central. We’re pretending to be hip and cool to fit in here!

Our b&b is an historic old building with a pretty garden, set in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Our room is so small we can hardly walk past each other at the base of the bed but it does have French doors leading out to a patio and the garden and that is where you’ll currently find us, drinking our earl grey tea.

Franklin Rd, Ponsonby - could be a street in France the way the trees meet to create a canopy.

The garden of our B&B

The view from the fifth floor of the new Park Hyatt in Auckland. .

Downtown harbour.

The Auckland Sky Tower lit up.

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