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(Facebook friends would have caught up with this already - I'm a little behind with publishing on my website, sorry).

I know we have been extremely fortunate and you can tell me that till the cows come home, but after so many flight cancellations, nearly missing our MIQ/isolation dates, my stress levels were high. We finally got out of isolation last Saturday afternoon. I stupidly thought, right, Annemarie get on with life. 24 hours later Auckland was at lockdown level 3! Aaargh.

We had eight hours to get out of Dodge (Auckland) or we wouldn’t be able to leave for three days. With medical appointments booked we had to wait until Monday afternoon to try to leave. After a 2.25 hour wait in the queue at Checkpoint Charlie, a specialist letter in one hand and our rental agreement for Havelock North in the other, the police officer checked it all and waved us through. Hurray, we were on our way. Arriving at the main road through from Taupo to Havelock North we found it was closed - trees had come down and blocked the road. Again we waited in a queue of cars for about 45 mins before it was cleared and we were on our way ... again!

My greatest concern was that we had committed to house/dog sit at Tironui Estate and we wouldn’t get there but we made it. Again we are in luxury, looking after a cute little Bichon Frise who snuggles up against you on the sofa, sits at the window and growls at the cows in the distance and chases the pukeko out of the swimming pool and the vines. She can be very ferocious you know, this little bundle of fluff.

If you fancy trying Tironui wine, I can highly recommend it. You can buy here:

My email is: if you would like to chat.

Sunrise on the vines at Tironui and that's Sugar Loaf hill in the background

The view from the kitchen window

Climbing sugar loaf hill across the road and looking back at the vineyard and Napier

A beautiful spot on our walk

Our little Bichon Frise we are looking fter

The wine is delicious and they also make a fantastic Rose as well.

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