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SHAMELESS PUBLICITY ... according to Vanessa Couchman (author)

I am one lucky girl!

Two wonderful people living their own dream in France, have contacted me. One to do an interview for her blog and another who is doing a review of my books and asked if I'd do a 'giveaway' on her site. No problem at all. It was great to be able to do both.

Here's the link to Tuula's Belle Provence Travels blog. Tuula is the one who has done a fabulous review and is offering the giveaway, which might just make a nice Christmas present for someone who has yet to read our story.

Do you know about Vanessa Couchman's books? She's a fabulous author. I'd highly recommend you have a look at them. Vanessa has done the online interview with me and if you have a minute, you might like to have a quick read. Her reviews are also on and Take a look here at our chat.

BUT wait ... there's more!

For weeks now, (apart from a couple of days) both books have held the No.1 and No. 2 in French Travel on How fabulous is that??? What started out as getting our story down on paper for family and friends has turned into books that people around the world enjoy. I'm very humbled and delighted at the same time.

There's been lots going on here at home and the build-up to Christmas has already begun. I'll do another blog soon.

I hope you are all well and life is good!

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