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SEVEN SWANS A-SWIMMING - in the Thames. No geese a-laying or partridges in pear trees.

We are sweltering here with Saharan winds and, it feels like, Saharan temperatures, sweeping the lower part of England! It is 37 degrees (again) today. My life is spent in the park next door (which is on the Thames) to either have morning coffee in the shade of the trees or a cup of tea around 8 p.m. It is cooler by the water. Out buying milk late afternoon it felt like wading through treacle the air was so dense in humidity and heat. This heat is set to last until Wednesday night. So not used to it in London.

Swans at low tide at Teddington Lock

I took these photos just before 9 p.m. last night, when Steve pointed out Seven Swans A-Swimming. There is always some activity on the water, be it wildlife or watercraft. I have so many animal photos saved in the Cloud. It's exciting to see the tour boats coming through the lock again, albeit with a lot fewer passengers than normal. At least something is happening and there is more activity!

An empty tour boat on its return to Kingston.
People enjoying a few drinks on their evening pootle on the river.

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20 באוג׳ 2020

So lovely to observe what's happening on the Thames. Oh so hot though...hard to get the energy to do anything c


09 באוג׳ 2020

Love this post.... but Patridges? Predictive text at it again!

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