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RHS WISLEY - beautiful gardens, cafes and shop

Yesterday was my last visit to Wisley for some years to come, I imagine. It was a hot afternoon. Normally we would be there during the cooler hours of the morning but now, with having to book a timed entry there is very little choice online for weeks ahead and you have to take what you can get.

Wisley would have to be one of the RHS’s most prestigious sites in the UK and is beautiful at any time of year. Anne and I would have loved to have seen it in all it’s glory in July but the virus put paid to that.

On right now at Wisley is an exhibition of larger-than-life sculptures –The Four Seasons - by American sculptor, Philip Haas. These are very cool and fun sculptures. I only found two on our walk yesterday.

‘Standing proud at nearly 5m tall, the figures are 3-D interpretations of paintings by 16th-century Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The exquisitely detailed pieces imagine Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in human form, rendered with exuberant arrangements of seasonal fruit, vegetables, flowers and crops.’

Enjoy just a fraction of Wisley with me.

Please feel free to comment. There is a Comments box at the end. Cheers!

Not sure which season but just clever, fun interpretation
Little Girl, Little Girl II, Little Girl III - @Lynnchadwicksculpture
Always love a bit of topiary
Can you believe the size of this gunnera leaf? It was enormous.
Love the various heights and rounds and points of this garden, plus the spots of yellow.
Very rich burgundy colour of the glads.
This was called something like a Leap of Faith or Leap into the Wild. Can't find it on website, annoyingly.
Symmetry and the 'drawing you in through the gates' appeals to me.
Called the Mound with a mix of Lavender and Rosemary.
Again, love the form and shape of these.
Another 'season' plus I love the glass and steel of the Palm House
Hmm, another I can't find on the site ...
Dahlias - thriving in the heat


@Giuseppe Arcimboldo


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