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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Well, it is for those in the southern hemisphere but two for the northern, then My French Platter Replenished will pop up on your Kindle, ready for you to join us for the second part of our journey to a dream life in France.

If you choose to read it, I really hope you enjoy it and please get in touch once you have finished it ( Here's the links again if you would like them. The universal link should take you immediately to your Amazon site.


PAPERBACK LINKS (Normal print)

No. 1 New Release in French Travel and General French Travel Guides

When Annemarie and Steve are unceremoniously sacked by a belligerent boss, they’re forced to find a new home and work. As they take on the management of their new employers’ majestic house, will the opportunities to create luscious food for the guests and explore rural France enable them to create a dream life? Or will French officialdom, family illness and a sudden career curveball send them hurrying home to New Zealand?

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