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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Via the 17 Mile Drive, Monterey Peninsula. As a golfer, Cam was very keen to get to Pebble Beach. This was part of a tourist trail called the 17 Mile Drive. We all loved it! Got to see lots of seals on the way and otters playing in the water.

Alex suggested we look for the gold “sprinkles” on our coffees as it cost an eye-watering US$18.50 for three at the Pebble Beach Cafe and Gallery. Now in San Fran at our AirBnB. Doing Alcatraz in the morning.

Here’s the blurb on the 17 Mile Drive: “The road offers spectacular views of what the area has to offer, including crashing surf, coastal flora and the Del Monte Forest. The extraordinary beauty of the region has also attracted many wealthy people to build imposing estates and mansions in the area. Most celebrated of all its attractions are the country clubs and championship golf courses.”

That sums it up. Cam googled some of the properties - last sold at US$32-35M. Just a little out of our price range....

gulls perching and preening

Larking about on the beach

Seals resting on the beach

A lovely property

A rugged landscape

Beautiful property along our drive

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