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It’s been a mixed-bag couple of weeks with cold, frosty mornings and glorious sunshine-y days then four days of (much needed) rain. It’s also been a tough time for a lot of New Zealanders either wondering when they are going to come out of or go into lockdown, as Delta spreads her fateful fingers around our country.

In the middle of it, Steve got knocked off his bike by a rather inconsiderate fellow rider and as a result, is nursing a fractured radius (above the elbow), very bruised ribs and nasty grazes up his leg. He’s slowly coming right.

It could all have been a lot worse and fortunately X-rays and a head scan confirmed there was nothing (else) to be concerned about. But to add to his misery he won’t be playing golf for at least two months and who knows when he’ll be back on his bike - the two loves of his life (after me of course, she says tongue-in-cheek …).

On one of those cold, frosty mornings I couldn’t wait to get out for a walk. The sun was just up and piercing a vivid blue sky, birds were greeting the day in loud, orchestral delight and I almost skipped down our lane like a spring lamb, full of joyful delight myself, in the day ahead.

Crunchy, frosty grass on a nearby park. Shame the snow on the ranges hasn’t come out in the photo

Blossoms bloomed, frost-covered lawns sparkled in the early three degree watery sunshine and fellow walkers hailed a hearty good morning. They too were enjoying the start of the day.

New Zealand Kowhai tree
Heady, fragrant wisteria

An hour later I was back, pulling the covers off Steve and gently rolling him out of bed. It was such a startlingly beautiful day I wanted to drive him to the top of Te Mata Peak so he could see it, in all its glory, from there.

From the top of Te Mata Peak - New Zealand, land of the long white cloud
Another beautiful aspect and the launching pad for the hang gliders

Winding up the narrow road to the Peak neither of us could believe our eyes when we came across a golden pheasant, casually making its way across the road to the bush. I’ve never seen one before. What a beauty! He was a blaze of burnished gold, russet red and electric blue complete with an elegant sweep of a long, speckled and feathery tail. As soon as I opened the car door to get a photo he made haste for the safety of the bush so I didn’t get a great photo. I’ve included one from google so you can appreciate his gorgeousness too.

My beautiful golden pheasant - not the best photo!
Now here he is, in all his glory! Such stunning colours.

A week later and after the Sunday morning farmers market we had a super stroll with friends through the Pakowhai Park which is an off-lead dog walking area. Another stunning area on our doorstep.

In Pakowhai Park
A stand of pines in the park
An avenue of blossom - beautiful.

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Tami Gaiesky-Meikle
Tami Gaiesky-Meikle
Oct 14, 2021

Oh my gosh. Such stunning scenery and I love the colours of the Golden Pheasant and the beautiful trees.


Oct 10, 2021

What a lovely read for this sunny and warm (for the time of year) Sunday morning, here in the UK as our Autumn flourishes. I woke this morning to sunshine pouring into our bedroom and watched the squirrels having fun in the trees, many of which are now losing their leaves. We have yet to experience frosts 🥶.

You have chosen a beautiful area of New Zealand in which to settle Annemarie which is reflected in your interesting blogs and great photos. So sorry to hear of Steve’s accident, I can imagine that you’ll have a few trying weeks ahead….lol 😁😁


Jim Eve Law
Jim Eve Law
Oct 10, 2021

Stunning photos of a gorgeous time of the year.

Annemarie Rawson
Annemarie Rawson
Oct 10, 2021
Replying to

It’s just so lovely right now. Full of summertime promise.

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