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Le Manoir-Aux-Quat-Saisons - Raymond Blanc

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Well Steve was VERY surprised when we pulled into the driveway of Chef Raymond Blanc’s Michelin-starred restaurant and boutique hotel, Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons, in Oxfordshire. It has such a beautiful entrance and the manoir looks very inviting with its many-paned windows and stone structure. The place just oozes old-world charm and class. It was a two hour journey for us from here and on the last leg we took a taxi from Haddenham station to Le Manoir. At this stage, Steve still had no idea where we were going and kept looking at me for answers. We were passing quite a few Historic Places roadsigns for a Chapel. I couldn’t help myself and said to Steve “So, you see those signs for the Chapel?” “Yes”, says he. “Well my surprise for you is that I have arranged for a priest to be there and we are going to renew our marriage vows.” OMG, the look on his face was priceless! One of absolute horror! I just roared with laughter. Steve did join in. It was very funny.

Our wonderful experience at Le Manoir started with coffee on the terrace followed by a walk in the very gorgeous, well-tended and laid out gardens. With a delicious glass of champagne in hand, we began our lunch of five courses which were not only amazing taste sensations but visual feasts as well.

The day was made even more memorable when Raymond Blanc himself crossed the courtyard, stopped and chatted, signed our menu and posed very happily with me for a photo. He came across as so genuine and several staff had commented too that he is a very nice man.

What a day!

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