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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

A haircut after five months feels so good!

Well, what can I say. Now I know why sheep skip and leap about once they have been shorn. That's exactly how I felt when I walked out of the hairdresser's for the first time in five months. My last haircut was at the end of February. I'm sure I did a hop, skip and a jump along the pavement on my walk home!

Seeing all that brassy, gold hair falling on the floor was so good and no longer showing two inches of black/grey hair made me feel much better.

My lovely hairdresser, Tanya was telling me it took her quite some time to get back into gear after not working for four months but she is loving only having two clients and two hairdressers working. She is not rushing from one client to the next in the salon. Gone are the usual capes and towels. These have been replaced with plastic tear-off strips which are tied around your neck and body and a heavy-duty, large paper towel has replaced the cloth ones for your wet hair. Sadly, everything gets rolled up and dumped into a big, black plastic bag and put out on the street at the end of the day. Who knows where all that plastic ends up ... that's the down side keeping everything sanitary.

We'll speak again soon - once I've stopped skipping and kicking my heels up!

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