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Hallett Cove and Largs Bay, Adelaide

I belong to a Facebook group known as WLM (We Love Memoirs) and before Christmas, two of those from the Adelaide sector and I met up for a very chatty coffee in a house that has now been converted into a bookshop-cum-cafe. It’s a great place for book lovers to meet.

On their recommendation Steve and I drove to Hallett Cove Conservation Park which is millions of years old. Incredible to see. With Steve’s background as a geophysicist he was in heaven. It’s pretty spectacular to the layman as well.

Largs Bay is another lovely area to walk and is a place where ocean liner passengers arrived from Europe in the 1880s. A beautiful hotel was built across the road from the pier at that time and was a place where passengers could stay, get a welcome meal and an opportunity for them to get their ‘land legs’.

Steve has helped himself to Cam’s bike and is enjoying hours out first thing in the morning riding the city and beyond. Coming down from Mt Lofty he was shocked and thrilled to see a large, mature koala come down a tree and trot along on the path in front of him.

I’ve thrown in some photos during our walks as well. Oh, and there might be a photo of baby Rex...

Sugarloaf at Halletts cove - known as Sugarloaf as it looks like a hardened lump of refined sugar.

Amazing strata - millions of years old

Lookout over Hallets Cove

On the boardwalk

Another lookout point at Hallett Cove

The Largs Hotel - ‘in an Italian style and containing 50 rooms, the bathrooms are fitted up luxuriously with hot and cold salt water'.

Tower at Largs Bay

Standing on the jetty and looking back at Largs Bay

These were HUGE black ants on our walk at Hallett Cove. Just as well they weren't red ants.

A beautiful animal that was supposed to be on guard but didn't want us to stop patting him!

Incredible cacti - someone likened it to Sagrada Familla - Gaudi's masterpiece in Barcelona!

Look at the size of the flowers. They were swarming with bees.

Steve's beautiful 'wild' koala

Our beautiful grandson - 2.5 weeks old

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