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Operating here in the Hawke‘s Bay is the Association of France (not Alliance Français) and Steve and I have joined up.

There is so much happening with the Association and already Steve has been to two soirées (me to one) where French is mostly spoken - in varying degrees of competency! Everyone brings along something to drink and food to share.

Here in New Zealand the French Film Festival is about to start and we’ve booked for the Havelock North Opening Night where a lot of the French artisans around the region will have tastings of their products. I think I have that right! Should be a lot of fun. Click on the link to find what’s on near you. The film everyone is talking about as a must-see is “Delicious”. If you love food, try that one! Bon Appétit.

Last night at the monthly Association Ciné Club we saw the movie Le Grand Bain (Sink or Swim) and it was absolutely brilliant. I’d highly recommend it, if you can find it online. It is not part of the FFF line-up but had us all laughing so much. Here’s the synopsis.

A group of 40-something guys, all on the verge of a mid-life crisis, decide to form their local pool’s first ever synchronized swimming team – for men. Braving the skepticism and ridicule of those around them, and trained by a fallen champion trying to pull herself together, the group set out on an unlikely adventure, and on the way will rediscover a little self-esteem and a lot about themselves and each other.

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