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Hello lovely people

I love listening to the French language in movies and of course, you always have the subtitles if you don't understand. As for the French countryside, homes and villages - ooh la la! They are always gorgeous and transport me back to our beloved time in France.

One in particular takes me back to the area we worked in and that film is The Hundred Foot Journey which was filmed in and around St Antonin Noble Val - a stunning town in The Tarn et Garonne region of France. It was a 40 minute drive to it from our base near the town of Gaillac.

Take a look at the list of the most popular movies compiled by Janine Marsh of The Good Life France.

Some are available on Netflix, some on Amazon Prime, YouTube or DVD. There’s also TV5MONDEplus – the free on demand platform for French films and shows (with English subtitles).

Pour a glass of a good full-bodied French red wine, put your feet up and soak up all that Frenchness.



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