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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Yesterday we had a wonderful day trip to the New Forest and the very picturesque village of Beaulieu then driving the country roads to Barton-on-Sea and also to Christchurch. The weather was superb, as you can see.

Horses run free in the New Forest and we got to see at least 100 of them on our journey. These horses (and cattle) have right-of-way in the village and create the most awful traffic jams. Not one driver hooted at them as they just stood in the middle of the road with one foal feeding from its mother. You do have to watch where you walk, there is that much poop on the pavements.

Steve and Richard enjoyed a fish and chip lunch in Barton-on-Sea, overlooking the Isle of Wight and magnificent views out over the English Channel. The ‘beach’ was also quite full for a weekday, with people in swimming.

It felt so good to be out exploring again. Hopefully we get to do more.

St Leonards Grange, Beaulieu. I could live here!
In the village of Beaulieu
Horses in the street. The truck driver gave me the thumbs up when I gently shooed the horses off the road.
Enjoying the shade
The Castle and Car Museum at Beaulieu
Waiting for the pub to open....
Horses in the National Park
A cute window in the porch
Looking down on Barton-on-Sea
One of the wild horses
Beach huts - so cool!
St Leonards Grange

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