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Have any of you read this beautiful little story? A couple of weeks ago Steve found a copy in our local second-hand bookstore for me. It was printed in 1958 and is an absolutely charming ‘fairy tale’.

While living in London we trained down to the Chichester Festival theatre to see the musical/play which I got absolutely wrapped up in and loved, even crying at the end. It was so well done. I do have to share a little story about our return journey.

It was pouring with rain and rather cold by the time we came out of the theatre so it was a dash for the train back to London. Believe me, the entertainment was just as good on the train. Three young women, all clones of each other - long bottle-blonde hair, false eyelashes, make up caked on, wearing very little clothing were struggling to keep their huge suitcases from rolling down the aisle but managing to keep up inane, loud chit-chat, and a lot of hair flicking to boot.

In our full carriage people were catching each other’s eye and pretending not to hear the girls’ conversation- well you couldn’t help it really and all of us had little smiles on our lips. One of these girls found a seat half way down the carriage and continued the conversation with the other two, standing in the doorway. She then tried to get one of her buddies to join her, nudging the man next to her saying he was alright and wouldn’t mind squeezing up! He blushed to the roots of his hair, poor man, not knowing where to look with all these breasts spilling out over their tops. That was the end and everyone burst out laughing. It was all good natured.

Once the three of them managed to squish in together, out came a bottle of bubbles, the top popped off and it was passed from one to the other with them all drinking straight from the bottle!

They were so busy talking ten-to-the-dozen and sharing this bottle of fizz, they nearly missed their Gatwick Airport stop - shrieking when they realised the doors would be closing any minute. They made it! Guess where they were going??? Ibiza ..... who’d have thought. They were great fun and were just enjoying themselves, absolutely no bother but certainly kept me entertained.

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