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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I'm fig mad! They are expensive in the shops so one morning out walking I was delighted to come across a fig tree with some branches hanging over the footpath. I have to admit to taking two and they were absolutely delicious with my breakfast bran, Greek yoghurt and seeds.

Two days later I went back and knocked on the door to ask if I may have some. The home owner was delighted I had knocked and asked (oops!). She said I may have a couple but her family was also fig-mad. Her mother and a sister are coming to raid the tree at the weekend but I would be very welcome to have more after that. I'll be back!

I love them cut in half, drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar, a good pinch of brown sugar, then roasted until they have softened. Or, cut in half, put a blob of blue cheese on each half, wrap in a prosciutto strip and roast until prosciutto is crispy. Yum!

Of course fig chutney is so good too - but you need a good couple of kilos for that. I made a huge batch (several times) while living in France and this features in My French Platter Replenished. The recipe is under Recipes.


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