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I’ve just put a Christmas cake in the oven which will take a couple of hours so I thought it a good time to ‘chat’. I know I’m late doing the cake but I wasn’t going to make it in Auckland and hand-carry it all the way to Adelaide. I’ll just ‘dose’ it with brandy every few days. I’m sure that’ll help with the aging process!

Adelaide is just beautiful and I’m loving our morning walks and the architecture and gardens we get to see along the way. A few homes have their Christmas decorations up and we keep seeing huge red bows tied around trees on the front berms. I’ve never seen this done before but seems to be something they do here in Adelaide at Christmas time.

Our location is brilliant, with all that we need a five minute walk away. Walk the other way and you find yourself in King William Road – a road full of beautiful boutiques, cafes and restaurants. I only managed a glance in some of the shops as Steve hurried past, so I’ll be having a lovely, leisurely browse through them ALL one day next week. This area also hosts some stunning homes with a variety of styles typical of Australia, with the wide, front, covered and filigreed verandas.

The weather has been so nice but yesterday, at 33C was just a tad too warm. It is a dry heat so is easier to live with than Auckland’s humid weather. Yes, we do have aircon in our accommodation, thank goodness.

Alex’s family has been so welcoming and our first evening was spent at Meagan’s home, Alex’s sister, having a barbecue with the family. Cam and Alex are looking great and have a really nice little home set-up and the nursery all ready. It is just a waiting game now until ‘his lordship’ decides to make an entrance into this world.

Yesterday some of the family and us two met up for coffee at the Adelaide Central Market – a place that is heaven for me with everything it has to offer in the way of fresh food. Steve walked around almost dribbling, looking at (and wanting to taste) it all. We’ll be going back to stock up on fresh veg fairly often, I think.

Today is a home day (hence the cake in the oven) but tomorrow the family and Steve and I will visit Karrawatta Wines where Alex’s brother-in-law, Darren works and where we can have lunch. It’s only about 40 minutes from the city which makes for an easy drive. Looking forward to that. Christmas Day wines are all sorted!

I’ll stop here. It’s time to check the cake. Delicious Christmassy smells of cloves and dried fruit are wafting around this little sitting room! Next on the cooking list is lasagne for Cam and Alex, done in freezer batches – for those early baby days when you just don’t have time (or the inclination) to think about food!

This looks so pretty.

Love this house and the path leading you to the verandah and front door

Look at the fretwork.

This is just one of the trees we've seen with the red ribbon around it.

A stunning tree I don't know the name of!

This looks to be a Greek Orthodox church but we couldn't find any signage

One of many gorgeous Jacaranda trees.

Another old lovely building.

This one was in the process of being renovated. Going to be stunning.

Beautiful building at the start of Rundle Mall

The Adelaide Town Hall

Gorgeous sunflowers at the Adelaide Central Market

Lovely sculpture - generations together.

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Thank you for sharing the lovely photos! Your blog puts me in the holiday spirit.


Annemarie Rawson
Annemarie Rawson

Thank you so much, Kathy for your kind words. I hope you two have a lovely Christmas together too. 🥰🥰



Just love your blogs Annemarie and this latest one about your stay in Adelaide is lovely! Accompanied by your really interesting photos, it was a pleasure to read. I can’t wait for your next instalment, hopefully welcoming your new grandson into this world and celebrating the birth and a truly wonderful family Christmas!

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