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DAY 7 of quarantine (halfway)

And all is well, thank you. We’re perfectly fine.

The hotel kindly lent us a Nespresso machine and I added pods to our online shopping order so at least we can have a nicer coffee. I’m soooo looking forward to my first NZ barista coffee. Our cafe society is world-class - and I was told that by an Italian who made our coffee in Richmond. He knew all about it.

So why have I photographed the toilet rolls? Because no-one enters your room of course and it won’t be touched until we leave here. Meaning it doesn’t get cleaned for 14 days. Steve rang and got some cleaning products dropped at the door. Once he’d cleaned the bathroom he folded back the loo paper to show it had been done and Madame knew it was clean and ready for her to attend to her ablutions!

You have to realise our world has shrunk! Small things are now amusing ....

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