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My right nostril still feels a little weird after my Covid swab today. Is that too much information??? I feel like I can whistle through it! It was not pleasant but not painful, as such. If the process makes your eyes water then the clinician has done a good job and hit the right spot. I was very happy I didn’t have to have a throat swab as well.

The competent management of the containment of Covid here is impressive. This is Day 3 and apart from the daily temperature checks and tight security in communal areas, this morning we received a call checking how we were going to manage our departure from quarantine on Day 14 i.e., were we being collected, hiring a car or on public transport? Where did we intend to stay? Everything recorded, ensuring they had addresses and contact numbers.

Testing is done on Level 14 so we got some great views but I only managed to snap the city side, not the waterfront side.

Old Government House, built in 1856 proves New Zealand does have a little bit of history, albeit recent history. Auckland was the original capital of the country and seat of Government which then shifted to Wellington in 1865. Royalty has stayed at the house six times, and Queen Elizabeth II broadcast her Christmas speech from the House in 1953. Now it is owned and used by the University of Auckland.

A male Burmese cat turned up at the property around 2013, wouldn’t leave and has been known as Governor Grey ever since! He’s very beautiful and quite regal so he fits in well.

We’ve done a few circuits of the exercise area again today but it gets pretty busy. Overtaking is tricky! Oh and by the way, dinner tonight was delicious - roasted salmon with lots of broccoli (yay). Roast potatoes were also in the box but I’m avoiding them.

Old Government House - beautiful
Government House hidden in the trees
Auckland city. Skytower poking up behind another office block

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