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Hello from a dazzling and glorious Havelock North. It’s been stunning for over a week. If it makes you feel better, we’re due for days of rain shortly.

It was like trying to budge something with a crowbar to get Steve out of bed this morning, to come walking. Admittedly, it was 2C outside but I’d already been up an hour, finished my morning cuppa and caught up on world news. I managed to capture a snap of the sun rising and the frost on our lawn, from our kitchen window. It was definitely cold.

Looking down our lane and out to the cul-de-sac. Steve says it won’t be long before I get a CCTV camera installed in the cul-de-sac so I can see what’s going on. I do have the nickname of Detective Inspector Rawson!

Incongruous really to be bundled up in three layers, beanie and gloves then walk out the door in your shorts! Not me - Steve. No matter how cold, Steve always goes walking in shorts. At least they weren’t stubbies …

The air felt razor-like on my face it was that cold, but it didn’t stop my lips from moving, yapping away to Steve. I’d probably used over 1000 of my 10,000+ words a day after five minutes, but the mono-syllabic answers were a good indication he still wasn’t fully awake.

What do we look like???? A couple of old coots, that’s what!

I was full of beans. It was so glorious out. Blazing early sun, vivid blue skies, the dawn chorus from the surrounding birdlife and within 10 minutes we were in the countryside.

That’s what I love about where we live - vineyards, orchards, parks and walkways - and the animals we see, all so close.

This beautiful rooster with his faithful companion was in the yard with five peacocks and peahens, chickens and guinea fowl. The sun was too bright on the lens to capture the others in the distance.
Yes, that’s a peacock in the tree! Never seen this before. His girlfriends were all in the yard watching him show off.
You know spring has sprung when you see lambs in the paddock. These looked to be about month old.
On past the honey centre, where you can see the bees in their hives during summer time
Horses grazing.
You need to know there’s a very popular vineyard here called Craggy Range, sitting under the incredible Te Mata Peak landscape. I loved this as it is parody of that name and the terrain. Notice how the ‘hills’ are actually the shape of a dog running. Very clever. Well done Shaggy Range!
This beautiful Tui was singing to an enraptured audience of one - me! His white ball of fluff wobbled under his chin as he warbled away.

An hour later I was sitting down at home with a hot coffee in hand and thinking about brunch.

Brunch! Poached eggs on Vogel’s toast with delish avocado sprinkled with chili flakes, salt & pepper

I seem to think constantly about food during this lockdown … not good for the hips. Muffins, soups, caramelised onion tart, marinated pork fillets, kumara fries. I’ve just butterflied a chicken, placing it in a bath of chicken stock, bay leaves, chili flakes and harissa paste. Once drained I’ll roast it, hoping it’ll be deliciously moist with a bit of a fiery bite. Now, shall we have roast potatoes? Garlicky, potato mash? Just as well we can’t socialise so people don’t need to witness the expanding waistline. I’m sure I’m not alone … 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Have a super day!

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