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The temperatures are soaring here in Adelaide, so first thing in the morning is the best time to get out for a walk. Earlier in the week we drove to Brighton Beach. It was stunning at 7.30am with lots of people walking, jogging, cycling and, even at that time, were in swimming. The water was crystal-clear and the beach pristine. Not one bit of rubbish to be found. I was so impressed how clean the whole area was. It was due to hit 32C that day. That's hot for a visiting Kiwi!

I loved seeing the ‘seniors’ swimming group meet up at a given point, all chatting away pulling on bathing caps, slipping out of shorts and tops and meandering up the beach in twos and threes. Reaching a good distance from the meet up point, all went into the water and about 50 metres offshore, started swimming back. A great way to exercise and be social as well.

On our return walk there were a few of them in the cafe enjoying coffee and a bit of breakfast. It’s such a great climate and place to live, exercise and socialise in.

A sculpture trail has been set up along the boardwalk and I’ve captured a few here to show you.

The start of our walk. Look at that beach!
This chap was magnificent. Very Monarch of the Glen.
I really liked this. In the early morning sun, they glinted and caught your eye from a distance.
A beautiful sea horse on the sea shore.
Brought to mind a ballerina twirling with her arms entwined above her.
This is a masterpiece! Made from stainless steel nuts.
I wanted to touch this one. Think it's meant to be 'family'.

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