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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Easter weekend was hugely busy here in the Hawke’s Bay and one special place for coffee and a wander was Birdwoods. It’s a five minute drive from the centre of Havelock North and must be on some tourist guide as it was hard to get a park. The cafe and shop are set out in an old church hall that used to be in Waipawa and built in 1894. Next door is a very popular sweet shop that sells all the old-fashioned sweets we knew as children, served to you by two old grannies!

The whole place is owned by a Zimbabwéen couple who were returning each year and arranged for sculptures to be sent to New Zealand. Everything is for sale.

The weather has been absolutely glorious and our day ended having a glass of wine on a bench seat at Haumoana beach, watching the waves roll in and late sun catching Cape Kidnappers in the distance.


Inside the cafe part of the old church hall. Love the tiles and the beautiful 'look through' to the garden.

One of the many sculptures in the garden.

The sweet shop which sits alongside the church hall.

Inside the boutique selling something for everyone. The steps at the end take you into the cafe.

One of the gorgeous sculptures in the garden.

A view through to the pond with the geese floating about.

Another beautiful sculpture.

These two couldn't give two 'hoots' who took photos of them!

Beautiful, peaceful Haumoana beach, looking out to Cape Kidnappers.

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