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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Sunrise at Tironui is incredible. It leaves you feeling the day has endless possibilities. With sweeping 180 degree views it is a magical place to be. Our bedroom blinds were never down as no one could see in and once our lights were out, we could see the stars and the moon from our bed. As dawn came it was common for us to see one or two people at the top of Sugar Loaf Hill, sitting on the park bench, waiting for the sun to show her face and enjoying an almost spiritual moment. Steve and I loved our time looking after the property and little Lily, the Bichon Frise.

Art Deco weekend is huge in Napier, New Zealand during February and it covers about five days of up to 300 events which include Great Gatsby picnics, outdoor concerts, vintage car parades, fashion shows and so much more. Sadly, this year because of COVID, public events were cancelled. That didn't stop a lot of people dressing up and having fun at a lot of the private events, driving through the city in their vintage cars or riding around on penny farthings and other old bikes. We even saw two old biplanes in the sky doing their thing. It would have been brilliant to witness it in all its glory and people we know who've been have absolutely loved it.

After our 10 days at Tironui came to an end we've moved into a one bedroom little flat over in Havelock North. Such a vastly different experience, having enjoyed the luxury of Tironui but we are adaptable and I've managed to put together a dinner in the kitchenette so we won't go hungry. Sad to leave such a stunning kitchen though with everything you could possibly need to cook and entertain. I did love it. Did I mention the wines were delicious? The people who own it, left us some wine to enjoy while we dog and house sat.

So now we are getting settled and will start exploring all the options available to us in Havelock North and will be here for a few months to come to see if this is where we want to buy a home and properly settle in. Time will tell.

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Look at that gorgeous sun coming up.

There's a seat at the time which is not showing up, sadly but often people would be sat there, waiting for the sunrise.

My friend, Ginny, met us for coffee at this lovely little spot. Tables and bench seats are set up in the shade of the olive trees and grapevines. Picnic is the cafe but Vetro is a wonderful store supplying many Mediterranean foods.

Steve eyeing up one of the penny farthing bikes.

Two couples dressed up for the occasion.

What a hairdo! Isn't he/she gorgeous? These Alpacas were in a paddock we passed on our walks.
Little Lily who was so easy to care for. Isn't she sweet?

Petunias in the wine half barrel.

The moon at 8pm.

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