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... and the sky is grey.

Surely it can’t be autumn already! It’s still too warm and yet the leaves are falling in the park and creating a tawny carpet in the driveway. Where has the summer gone? It feels as though we had a lovely summer for two weeks in May then a heatwave in August. That was it. So weird. Last week, in temperatures of 33-37 deg, you couldn’t take two steps without breaking into a sweat and being outside felt like walking through treacle, the air was that dense and humid. Steve and I spent much of that time sitting in our camping chairs under the canopy of a huge tree in the park next door, trying to catch a breeze off the water.

I feel like I got nothing done during the heat but did manage to achieve one thing and that was getting my first book uploaded and going ‘live’ to the world. The orders started coming in and some of my UK friends received the book within two days. My phone was pinging a day later with photos of the book in their hands and wonderful messages of what chapter they were up to, telling me they were hooked after reading ‘let me tell you how it all unfolded’ and just loved the chickens’ names. One friend from Pilates sent all the book details to a Teddington Facebook page and they are now running a competition for me. People have been amazing. It’s been very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Now I am busy marketing trying to market the book. Any suggestions of where you see it selling well would be very welcome. I made two excellent connections which hopefully will come to fruition later in the year. Do message me with your ideas please.

Steve meanwhile has been lucky enough to have a couple of games of golf and lots of bloke time so he’s a happy chap. He’s managed to dodge a lot of my allotted female 10,000 words a day either by being at golf or out on a bike ride.

The UK has just imposed a 14 day self-isolation if you return from France so our trip mid-September to stay with our old bosses, Mary and Symon at their new French holiday home has had to be cancelled. Both of us were so looking forward to going but didn’t want to be isolating when there is so little time left for us living here in London. Now the heat has dissipated we’re heading off to do some more exploring and catching up with friends. In between all that I’ve started packing....

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Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer Roberts
Aug 21, 2020

Ooh this looks great, thank you so much for the invite!

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