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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

A great tour this morning. It was a fairly bleak place and would have been so cold, imprisoned there. There were 14 attempts at escape, with several drowning and three who were never found but suspected of drowning. Suggestions were made that because the three had been learning Spanish in the jail, they may just have made it to South America. The rest were recaptured and their “stay” extended! The library inmates had access to, was impressive. Those that were literate could read anything up to 100 books a year.

Back in the city we spent the afternoon wandering and looking. Off to Sausalito tomorrow and possibly the Muir Woods and to take a look at the Rodin sculptures at Stanford University. Thanks for the suggestions, Barb.

To get to our little house where we are staying, we need to drive up some of these semi-vertical streets. It’s not for the faint hearted. Thank god for automatic cars - imagine trying to do a handbrake start at one of the many STOP signs!

Alcatraz Island
Looking back over to SF from Alcatraz
Our ferry to the island
Wonderful view of the bridge from the ferry
From the top of Alcatraz jail. The smell of the gum tree was wonderful.
One of the now derelict outbuildings
Where the inmates arrive and shower
The view from our apartment in SF
Roof terrace garden
Inside a store called Michael's in SF
Beautiful fountain downtown
Some of the immense buildings
The very beautiful roof inside Neiman Marcus

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