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The particular area where we stayed in Adelaide is known for some of its most beautiful, old and historic homesteads. One street is Victoria Avenue so I deliberately took a walk that way to photograph some of them.

It was a bit voyeuristic, poking my nose (and phone) through gates and fences but I just had to show you some of them. Come for a little wander around Unley with me...

Then have a look at a couple of wee beasties which I'm assured are harmless... not matter how gross they look!

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These were plane trees and as you can see, they meet in the middle creating a lovely canopy

I liked the four 'panes' in the fence so you could look in - or, look out!

This of course is more modern and I'd been happy to live in one of these apartments

There's a lot of these rustic fences and gates used in Adelaide but it was the first time I'd seen one with a grill.

Loved the turret!

I always love a parterre garden. Must be the symmetry and neatness of it.

This is stunning and has quite a history. You can google Yurilla Hall

Most of the homes on Victoria Ave had a tennis court.

Absolutely huge property but so beautifully done with a little rotunda in the garden.

This was very modern in comparison but I thought it rather elegant.

This would fit right in, in several London suburbs, or in the country.

This is like a mini castle.

This is the creepy spider on our door. It was a Huntsman.

This is a lizard in Belair park. It's had to see its legs.

The fretwork on this is so attractive - and the brick.

Saw my first wild Koala in Belair Park. He was snoozing.

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Margaret Thompson
Margaret Thompson
Feb 05, 2021

Next time I am in Adelaide I shall certainly take a stroll down Victoria Avenue. It looks amazing. Many thanks for your wonderful photography and news regarding Adelaide.

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