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In between visits to hold and cuddle our grandson and family, we’ve been meeting up with some of the extended family for coffee and beach walks and done a little exploring too.

Our first foray was out to a tourist town only 35 minutes out of Adelaide called Hahndorf.

A group of German Lutherans settled here in the 1830s and the town was named after the Danish sea captain (Hahn) who sailed the migrants to South Australia. The main street is so pretty with over 300 elm, chestnut, cork and plane trees planted along both sides of it. The branches meet in the middle, providing a picturesque canopy and shade in the heat of summer. Steve and I deliberately went early (arriving at 10.15am) to avoid the heat of the day and the crowds. Right now of course, the overseas tourists are not here and this town is unusually quiet and suffering financially – the same for any tourist town around the world. Naturally, many of the restaurants and cafes serve German cuisine and beers. You can find schnitzel and many varieties of sausage on nearly every menu!

My eye was caught by the most beautiful and delicate German-made Christmas decorations and musical carousels in one shop window. There was an eye-watering price tag attached to them all. This shop reminded me of our trip to the Munich Christmas markets where all of this was available too, but with snow falling on and around us and the two of us clutching a glass of hot gluhwien as we wandered.

On our first visit to see Cam in Adelaide (10 years ago) he drove us to the top of Mt Lofty. Steve and I bought lunch in Hahndorf and drove to Mt Lofty again to enjoy the view while we ate. It’s a great place to see the expanse of Adelaide laid out before you. It was a little hazy but still we got great views and on the short perimeter walk we saw a bandicoot and some amazing, colourful bird life.

On our morning walks we’re enjoying the mad cockatoos and their screeching as well as hearing the kookaburra and catching sight of the multi-coloured rosellas. We’ve walked part of Glenelg beach with Alex’s sister, Meagan and her young boys, taken the very handy tram into town to shop in Rundle Mall and then out to the Festival Plaza to walk and sightsee around the Adelaide Oval and University.

Late one afternoon/evening was spent in the Sky City Casino rooftop bar to have gin and tonics with an old friend, Margaret and then on to the Intercontinental to drink wine in their air-conditioned bar. It was 35 degs that day and still 31 at 10pm! I’m not great in this heat ….

You will have gathered we’re enjoying ourselves and getting out and about. In no particular order, photos follow.

Main Street of Hahndorf (photo taken from website)

Again, Main Street of Hahndorf - was so pretty

A thorn among the ‘roses’ so to speak!

Some of the beautiful decorations you could buy in Hahndorf

Some of the beautiful decorations you could buy at Hahndorf

Downtown Adelaide. A great, modern bridge

Downtown at the Sky City, etc

Adelaide Oval

On top of Mt Lofty

Steve reading up about the oldest building in Hahndorf

We see some sights on our walks but this one and the next were rather amusing.

Someone is obviously trying to pretty-up the streets.

Steve with the latest addition to the family!

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