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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

My eldest sister, Adrienne, has just emailed to let me know we DO have a link to the East India Company.

It turns out Frederick's grandfather, Henry St George Tucker (therefore our great, great, great grandfather on his side), was elected Governor of Java but never returned to the East and then a Director of the East India Company, later serving as Chairman - twice!

I've just looked Henry up on Wikipedia. Not so nice is the fact that he was sentenced and imprisoned for six months for attempted rape. Horrible!

Emma, our great grandmother was given (I guess by Frederick's family) a stunning yellow diamond brooch that came from the East India Company. When Emma passed away, Fred took it into Mappin and Webb, London jewellers that are still in business today and had it made into a ring for Nana. This has now been passed to my sister, Adrienne and it will then go to her eldest daughter.

I'll see if she can get me a photo of it, and I'll post it later, here.

9.57pm - so here’s the yellow diamond ring that has been passed down the family. I had forgotten how beautiful it is. You will get an idea of the size of it, sitting alongside the sapphire. Oh to be the eldest daughter.....!

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